Patient Reviews

Brian M. - 47

*"Barclay Chiropractic has freed me from severe pain in my neck and lower back. They're always very willing to accommodate my crazy schedule and I couldn't imagine what I'd do without them!"

Hayden M. - 11

*"Barclay Chiropractic helped throughout my karate tournament season. I got adjusted before the World Championships and I wouldn't be able to compete without that adjustment. The adjustments helped me be relaxed, perform at my best, and win 2 world titles."

Michael S. - 40

*"As an athlete aspiring for Olympic level rowing endeavors, chiropractic care has been an instrumental health care tool for staying aligned and healthy. I came to Dr. B over 12 years ago for a problem with my neck which, with regular adjustments, was solved in just a few visits. I am a firm believer in chiropractic care ever since high school after being injured. A compressed sacroiliac joint was corrected through regular maintenance. Dr. B and his staff are among the best of the best in support of supplemental care including massage, other treatment modalities, and health guidance. Next time you feel like you need a pill to fix something, consider chiropractic care with Dr. Warren Barclay and his team. Well worth a visit."

Sarsha M. - 63

*"I’ve been coming to Barclay Chiropractic since 1987 and have had great results! I have had no surgeries and have been able to work and travel. I recently started the new cold laser therapy and have had great results as well. I now feel 100% better. The staff is also very caring and always accommodates my schedule the best they can."

Adam G. - 34

*"My name is Adam and I’m 34 years old. I have been making an hour commute each way to and from Dr. Barclay’s office faithfully for over nine years. I have taken advantage of all their modern and traditional forms of therapy ranging from the pain relieving adjustments from Dr. B and Dr. Ryan, the Standard Process cleanse, relaxing and stress relieving massages from Kendra to the fantastic and fast acting treatments of the Erchonia cold laser therapy and the ultra sound therapy. The entire staff’s attitude and overall general honesty, sincerity, and care they display to all patients, is one of the major reasons I continue to come to Barclay Chiropractic’s “cabin of relief!” I’m truly grateful for all their help!"

Vivian M. - 92

*"​My name is Vivian. I’m 92 years old and I come to Dr. Barclay because of a problem with my right leg; no support in my right knee and pain in my leg. Since going to Dr. Barclay I can walk without falling and have very little pain. If I hadn’t come to see him, I don’t believe I would have the strength in that leg to be walking today."

Theresa L. - 84

*"I have been a patient of Dr. Warren Barclay since the 1980’s after being introduced by my daughter who was also a patient. So many times I put up with excruciating pain for months hoping it would go away, but after seeing Dr. B a few times I had great relief! I had pain in my right thumb for over a year and after one visit, it felt 95% better. Dr. B has helped me with a great deal of ailments: stiff neck, jaw, vertigo, and ear and knee problems. The most remarkable was two years ago when he pulled me out of a Bells Palsy episode. After six weeks and a lot of work, I was nearly back to normal. He does wonders!"

Donald C. - 53

*"I was lucky to get a tip about Dr. B from my brother. I had previously seen two other chiropractors and never saw any improvements…just the same pain. Dr. B has helped me with the adjustments, stretches and with the purchase of an inversion table. I had trouble with my lower back prior to seeing Dr. B but now no more problems! I am more active than ever before; always at the gym or out cycling and I also work very hard physically at my job. I can’t forget to mention that Dr. B’s staff is the best. They are always happy and pleasant to be around."

Nancy P. - 49

*"I have been very pleased and excited by the new laser therapy. My hip and knee pain was intense. It was really bad at night and interfered with my sleep. From the first day of treatment my knee pain has just about completely disappeared! I get an occasional twinge…a huge difference from a level ten especially at night when there is now no pain. My hip pain has decreased enough that I have cut back on my medication by half."

Mary D. - 68

*"I had hip surgery in January of 2012 and by the time I left rehab I had severe lower back muscle spasms, to the point where I could barely move. My hip was fine but my back was a different story. As I sat at home I knew I needed something other than pain pills, so I contacted Barclay Chiropractic. I was then introduced to cold laser therapy. After the first treatment 80% of my back pain was gone. I said it was a miracle and the doctor said, no it’s cold laser Therapy!! The treatment is painless and you feel nothing. After just 5 minutes of therapy, I had no lower back pain. I have known people with lower back pain that have tried different treatments without success. Why put up with the pain when you can have relief with Cold Laser Therapy! You can’t help but wonder how a laser light can work to emit healing powers but it does."

Richard G. W. - 66

*"Through x-ray and an MRI, I was diagnosed with a torn meniscus and a 2cm bone fragment on my left knee. My pain was medium to high and I originally got cortisone injections which helped alleviate the pain to a manageable level. Then I found out about laser therapy and following the first session of laser therapy, the pain had diminished dramatically. For the first time in over 2 months there was almost a total absence of pain in the knee and it continued to get better over time. I was extremely skeptical of the entire procedure at first; however it came with a credible and reasonable explanation plus it was non-invasive with no side effects. It was worth a slight gamble. Now I would recommend laser therapy to anyone!"

Melinda N. - 45

*"My recent encounter with cold laser therapy has me sold! After just 3 treatments, my sciatica and piriformis syndrome is completely healed. Furthermore Barclay Chiropractic’s “ChiroHealth” plan has been very beneficial to supplement my care without gouging my wallet. Thank you Barclay Chiropractic for keeping me fit and pain-free!"

Judi B. - 68

*"I have painful arthritis and bone spurs in my cervical and thoracic area. I used to have to lie down to alleviate the pain because it was so bad. I was ready for pain management when Dr. B suggested I try his cold laser therapy. I figured, “What is there to lose!” I’ve been using it ever since. Although I still have pain it has lessened from a 5-10 pain level, to less than 5. This is a safe harmless way to reduce pain and inflammation. Chiropractic adjustments and massages are wonderful as well!"

Christine H. - 49

*"I decided to go to Barclay Chiropractic for additional lumbar adjustments in hopes that somehow the protruding disc would retract from the nerve root after undergoing several rounds of adjustments. During my initial appointment, the doctor recommended that I undergo Cold Laser Therapy (CLT). To my astonishment after receiving two laser therapy treatments, I was completely pain free after experiencing daily chronic pain for a year and a half. My physical activity level has significantly increased since receiving CLT. I am forever grateful to Barclay Chiropractic for recommending and providing such an effective and successful therapy treatment!"

Kenneth L. - 59

*"When I first went to Dr. B my head would be cocked to one side by 2:00pm and I could not straighten it out. Through regular adjustments with Dr. B this problem no longer existed. I can’t tell you how many times I would be doing something and all of a sudden my back would go out. When this would happen, I would call the office and was always told to come in immediately. Another time I pinched a nerve in my neck and my arm felt like it was on fire but after many adjustments at Barclay Chiropractic, my problem was alleviated."

Judith K. - 54

*"I’ve trusted Barclay Chiropractic with my care for over 12 years after having been recommended by a physical therapist specializing in cervical/spinal care. I’ve had good progress with maintaining functionality and minimizing pain. Most recently, with the addition of cold laser treatments, I’ve experienced incredible improvements-especially in my neck and upper back which had been causing me chronic pain. I’ve been able to go off Celebrex, which I had been on for over 10 years. I am working long hours without daily pain and I’m able to do more of the things I enjoy like gardening. My quality of life has been greatly improved!"

Dr. William Hassey - 68

*"I’m a believer! Dr. Barclay introduced me to SP products about two years ago. They have offered me a new way of revitalizing. I began by using the cleansing process which helped me to both lose 30 pounds in 30 days and start a journey of health and energy like I haven’t had in years. I continue to use the supplemental products and continue to cleanse two to four times a year, each time getting a new start and boost. My whole family used the products and rave about their effects. SP products have become part of my life."

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